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A new episodic spy series filled with action and intrigue


Curve of the Dragon is a riveting new spy thriller series from debut author Matt Stokes. Inspired by the likes of James Bond, Mission: Impossible, and JJ Abrams' Alias, fans of espionage action and fast-paced thrillers will be right at home.

Episodic in nature, this group of four books works together much like the episodes of a television show. Each book has its own story, but together they tell a larger, serialized adventure. 


Will Taylor is desperate to find his missing sister Laura, a Navy SEAL who vanished under mysterious circumstances over a year ago. His search has hit brick wall after brick wall, always ending with the same answer: no one knows where his sister is, and by now she's probably dead.

But one night, Will is contacted by a rogue CIA officer named Carter who knows all about his sister, including things Will has never heard before. Laura was secretly a member of the CIA, part of a special division that deals with some of the most dangerous problems in the world.


Laura was a spy. And she's still alive. 


But she's been abducted by Fractal: a secretive criminal organization that uses brainwashed foot soldiers to attack targets around the globe. Carter has followed Laura's trail to Fractal's hidden base on the remote Palmyra Atoll, but he can't go after her alone. Fractal has people everywhere, so he's not even sure who to trust anymore. 

So he wants Will to come with him.

Together, Will and Carter set off on a rescue mission to find Laura and bring her home, but they'll have to journey into the very heart of Fractal to do it. And Fractal's latest plan is already in motion, a plot so sinister that it could shift the global balance of power forever.


– Episode 2 of 4 – 

Trial and Terror

Having reached Palmyra, Will must pose as a Fractal recruit as he and Carter search the atoll for his sister. But some Fractal agents are growing suspicious, including Will's sadistic training instructor, Gorya. If Will wants to survive, he'll need to recruit some new allies.

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– Episode 3 of 4 – 

Losing Integrity

Will is pulled even deeper into Fractal as he comes to the attention of Dr. Yaras, Fractal's enigmatic leader. Balancing the search for his sister with maintaining his cover, Will is confronted with some horrible choices... with heartbreaking consequences.

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– Episode 1 of 4 – 

Chasing Shadows

While searching for his missing sister, Will meets rogue CIA officer Carter Callahan, who might be the only person that can help find her. She's been taken by the criminal organization Fractal, and Will and Carter will have to go to the dangerous Palmyra Atoll to get her back.

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– Episode 4 of 4 – 

Breaking the Pattern

Will discovers the fate of his sister as Fractal puts their master plan in motion. Caught up in a terrifying conspiracy that threatens to strike at the heart of Washington, Will must find a way to stop Fractal before it's too late.

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