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Curve of the Dragon - Episode 3 Out Now

Episode 3 is out! Get it at Amazon.

Here's a brief synopsis:

As Fractal’s newest agent, Will Taylor is in more danger than ever. He and his friends have survived Gorya’s training program, but now they must face Fractal’s terrifying leader Dr. Yaras. The Doctor has taken a special interest in Will, which makes the search for his sister even harder. Will has hope, though. He and Carter have evidence that Laura is on Palmyra, they just have to figure out where. But as Will is pulled deeper and deeper into Fractal, he’ll be forced into some horrible choices... with heartbreaking consequences.

In Washington, Maia and her team have had a huge break in the case. They know who is behind the recent attacks, and they know what their next target is. Maia finally goes on the offensive as she and Bash put together a plan to stop the next attack before it can happen. There are more forces against Maia than she realizes, though, and for every move she makes there is someone countering her from the shadows. On her own and unsure who she can trust, Maia must find a way to stop these attacks before they build to their horrific conclusion.


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