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Curve of the Dragon - Episode 4 Out Now

Episode 4 is out! Get it at Amazon.

Here's a brief synopsis:

Fractal stands on the edge of victory as the final phase of their plan begins. With all of her agents revealed at last, Dr. Yaras slides her remaining pieces into position in Washington, DC. Their mission will strike a blow to the United States so devastating that it could shift the global balance of power for a generation, maybe permanently. And there doesn’t seem to be anyone left with the power to stop them.

But there are a few people left who are going to try anyway.

Will Taylor has snuck aboard Gorya’s plane, and is determined to save his friends and find a way to stop Fractal’s plot once and for all. Maia Calderon is out for blood, and is hell-bent on rescuing her team and shutting down Fractal for good.

And there’s still one wild card that Dr. Yaras hasn’t accounted for. One that could bring her entire plan crashing down around her...


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