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Curve of the Dragon - Episode 2 Out Now

Episode 2 is out! Get it at Amazon.

Here's a brief synopsis:

Will and Carter have reached Palmyra, but their troubles are just beginning. Fractal’s base stretches for miles, and anyone caught sneaking around the atoll will be killed... or worse. In order to maintain his cover, Will must pose as a Fractal recruit and survive their deadly training program. But as he tries to juggle being a trainee and searching for his sister, some Fractal agents are already growing suspicious. Especially his sadistic new training instructor, Gorya. If Will wants a chance at escaping Palmyra alive, he’s going to have to recruit some new allies, and find his sister before he and Carter are caught.

Back in Washington, Maia continues to drive the British Embassy investigation in secret, even though she’s been told to abandon the case. Her team discovers proof that the attack wasn’t just an isolated incident, and that it’s potentially the start of something much larger. Can her team find who is behind the attack and stop them before they strike again? The clock is ticking...


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